Water and Oil Immersion Heaters

Description -

Water and Oil immersion heaters are installed in a tank or container to heat a liquid. The installation can be over-the-side, flanged or threaded. These heaters are available with heating elements made of copper, steel, stainless steel, cast iron, titanium, and PFA coated. A wide selection of kilowatt ratings, shapes and mounting methods are available to suit many different types of applications.

Features -

  • These heaters are Efficient Compact heating units designed to provide bulk heat flow.
  • Made from M.S./S.S. pipe welded with C.I./S.S. flange with replaceable refractory insulated heating element inside.

Types -

OilImmersion Heater


OilImmersion Heater


OilImmersion Heater


Application -

  1. Used to heat the water, oil, food stuffs, alkaline solutions, anodizing and plating baths etc.
  2. For fuel oil heating, oil circulating, for systems which supply hot oil to plastic & chemicals processes, oil jacketted kettles and similar equipments