Manifold Heaters

Description -

Manifold Heaters are available in Round & Square cross sections and various sizes and shapes as per customer's spcifications.The outer sheath is made of Inconel.

Features -

  • We manufacture Manifold heaters or Tubular heaters or Flexible heaters which are having high and good thermal conductivity.
  • Heater manufactured with compression method, shows high heating capacity and also high insulation resistance.
  • Precise forming of heaters required for it to seat properly into the milled slot in the mold.
  • Available in 6.5mm, 6.7mm, 7mm and 8mm OD & the length as per requirement of our valuable customer.
  • They can be shaped into any pattern depending on applications

Types -

Manifold Heater


Manifold Heater


Manifold Heater


Application -

  1. Mainly used in the Hot Runner Molds.