MICA Band and NOZZLE Heaters

Description -

Mica Band and Nozzle heaters are made of Nickel Chrome resistance ribbon precisely wound on specially selected Mica sheet. It is then insulated and covered by metal sheathing and rolled to the required shape. We build every technically possible heater as per your requirement.

Features -

  • We manufacture the MICA Band and the Nozzle Heaters in various sizes and in various patterns.
  • Also the manufacturing is according to the Customized Drawings.
  • Generally these heaters are used to heat the dies, barrels, nozzles and pipes of the plastic injection molding machine.
  • Most economical heaters.
  • Constant and long lasting efficiency.
  • Available with thermocouple and cutout holes.
  • Designed as per customer’s specifications.

Types -







Application -

  1. Nozzles and barrels of Plastic Injection Molding Machines
  2. Rubber Processing Machineries