Finns Heaters – Strip and ‘U’ Type

Description -

These heaters are made of high grade heating resistance wire element supported in Fluted Refractory, which is sheathed in rust resisting steel. End-tab holes are provided for mounting. This is basically a Heavy Duty Refractory insulated strip heater with locked on Finns for fast transfer of heat to air.

Features -

  • Finns heaters mainly used to increase the heating area
  • Ideal Heaters to transfer heat to air or other gases
  • Manufactured in very wide range of dimensions and power ratings
  • They can be shaped into any pattern depending on applications

Types -

Finns Heater


Finns Heater


Finns Heater


Application -

  1. For efficient heating , baking, curing of paints, for dryers of metals, in hot air ducts and in ovens
  2. Provides black heat in ovens, Industrial and commercial heating chambers converters and panel boards.