Ceramic Band Heaters

Description -

Ceramic Band Heaters design consist of a helically wound resistance coil made from 80/20 michrome wire, evenly stretched and precisely strung through a specially designed ceramic insulating bricks forming a flexible heating mat. The ceramic heating mat along with ceramic fiber insulation is placed on a stainless steel housing made with serrated edges providing maximum flexibility for easy installation.

Features -

  • Ceramic Band Heaters manufactured in the Medium to High temperature range.
  • Heaters built in Ceramic Fiber insulation and SS Sheet.
  • Perforated heater with fins provide for faster cooling
  • The terminals and the connections can be provided as per requirement
  • Available with various diameter, length, wattage, voltage and configuration

Types -







Application -

  1. Mainly used in Plastic industries, Packaging and Engineering industries and in the Extruders
  2. Blow molding Barrels
  3. Rubber Machinery